French “Spiderman” Alain Robert Begins Scaling Dubai Skyscraper

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French climber Alain Robert—known as "Spiderman"—begins climbing the world's tallest tower, Dubai's 2,717 foot Burj Khalifa. Let's take a closer look.

French "Spiderman" climber Alain Robert began scaling Burj Khalifa on Monday (March 28)—his 128th known ascent to date.

As the sun began to set in the skyscraper metropolis—Dubai—Robert, sporting a pair of brightly colored orange trousers, started his delayed climb.

While obliged to compromise his "do or die" approach by using ropes and a harness, the daredevil started to pull his way up the side of the world's highest tower, which stands at a staggering 828 metres tall.

Although the Frenchman has climbed the likes of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Malaysia's Petronas Towers and China's tallest building, Robert says the gleaming Burj Khalifa was his greatest challenge yet.


Unlike his previous international climbs, to adhere to the event organisers' regulations, Robert had to use ropes for security purposes—something he didn't object to.

[Alain Robert, Climber, "Spiderman"]:
"I know that sometimes there may be some specific requirements. I do understand! You know, this is such an iconic building so I can understand that even though they are taking care so much about my precious life, they are also taking care a lot of that precious Burj Khalifa."

Robert says he will continue his adventures as long as he enjoys doing them.

[Alain Robert, Climber, "Spiderman"]:
"For me life is made to be something funny, something that whenever I wake up in the morning, I think that I will enjoy the day because that's life."

Robert's manager said he expected the climb to last 6 hours, ending at 7:30pm GMT on Monday.