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    29-03-2011: "Attrape-moi... si tu peux!!"

    Catherine Brisedou

    par Catherine Brisedou

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    Voici ce à quoi ressemblent nos promenades quotidiennes: pas très reposant mais... keskonrigole :-))

    Here is one of our daily walks... Hum, it seems "walks" is not the right word, is it?!

    Starring: Ch. Foxearth Frosted Image, the one who hates my camera, the blue merle nanny of Ftizen Tizen du Finfond, the big-smooth-sable boy, & his brother, Fech Fech du Finfond, the fast-athletic-short-tail-sable other boy, sons of Ch. Braveheart Cody von Weidmann's Winzerhof & Ch. Camaïl du Vent des Moissons (both "babies" are 9 months old)...