ECONOMY REPORT 2011.03.29 (21:30)

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ECONOMY REPORT 2011.03.29 (21:30) 1 LIBYA OIL BLOCKED 2 OIL MARKET DYNAMICS 3 OPEC OIL PRICE HITS NEW HIGH 4 LEADERS DISCUSS LIBYA 5 DEBATE OVER LIBYA 6 ASIAN SHARES ON MONDAY 7 CHAIN EFFECT IN AUTO WORLD 8 JAPAN JOBLESS RATE FALLS 9 IMF EVALUATION 10 US ECONOMIC GROWTH 11 EC TAKES CARBON-CUT PLAN 12 CHINA IMPROVING MONETARY POLICY 13 CCB & CIB PROFIT UP IN 2010 14 CHINA-US DISPUTE SETTLED 15 NINTENDO GOES 3D MOBILE 16 BAIDU'S COPYRIGHT ROW LATEST Coming up... *Libya's oil exports may be ready for shipment in less than one week. *Asian shares are sliding up down left and right in response to not only Libya, but Japan's crisis. *New US economic growth figures are out. *And China is revamping its monetary policy. Hello and welcome to Economy Report. I'm Nie Danyangzhi in Beijing. 1. STORY: LIBYA OIL BLOCKED DATELINE: 29 March 2011 LENGTH: 0:00:00 LOCATION: Beijing PKG Intro Although the EU has lifted some of the sanctions on Li Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency