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    I ♥ You Pare - 03.28.2011 Part 04


    by soultak3r05

    During one faithful night, Tonya and Kenneth meet in a bar in Vigan. As they spend time at the bar drinking and getting acquainted, Tonya and Kenneth share an accidental kiss. After this unexpected encounter, Tonya and Kenneth part ways and lead s separate lives. By some weird twist of fate, Tonya and Kenneth meet again, this time with Tonya posing as the gay Tonette in the bar that Kenneth manages.

    While both Tonette and Kenneth share not just the same fate of hiding from their misfortunes but also each other's secrets and inhibitions, will the truth find a way to spark romance between unlikely lovers? Will there be a happily ever after ending for the conservative Tonya and the happy-go-lucky Kenneth, or will it be crazy love story between the flamboyant Tonette and alpha male Kenneth?