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    Cross Platform NFC Applications Made Posible by Toro


    by minipcpro

    68 views We all know NFC is coming and its guaranteed to change our relationships with our handsets! Most handset manufacturers have plans to implement NFC and analysts say that tens of millions of NFC chips could ship inside devices in 2011. Companies specializing in NFC like Toro have been patiently waiting for devices since they've got a secure application which enables an app store of NFC applications. The akami suite by Toro is leading the switch in mobile marketing and advertising to date has largely been focused on the concept of push marketing. There are of course exceptions, however the idea that push SMS, bluetooth or pop up ads based on geo-location have been the norm. Consumers have found this method intrusive and annoying I can't remember the last SMS solicitation I acted upon, actually I can tell you its been exactly zero. With NFC the user decides if they want to take part by placing their phone near the terminal. What we are looking at today in a solution for delivering NFC which is called akami by Toro. It is a complete mobile software suite or a virtual machine that provides a User Management System that allows applications to run on any NFC compatible device. This mean the delivery of a variety of secure applications such as payment, transport, loyalty and tickets or non-secure applications such as marketing, CRM, social network or games. The akami suite is compatible with all mobile operating systems which is key as Toro manages market fragmentation allowing apps to exist evenly across the ecosystem. What is most interesting about the Toro's position in the NFC marketplace is that they have an SDK which they have available which manages the applications roll out on to multiple platforms and the gambit of hardware soon to be available. NFC is the point where many industries converge in a single moment, onto a single space on the consumers handset. If you would like to learn more about Toro here is a link to their site.