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    Learn How to Become a Wine Connoisseur!


    by edwarddavis82

    There is something about a glass of wine that does more than whet your palatte or induce a relaxing warmth to your bones, isn't there? Wine offers a distinct classiness when you're entertaining or even a subdued elegence to the most humble meal or casual moment alone. But do you find yourself wondering about the REAL appreciation that wine connoisseurs develop and if you are missing out on the subtle distinctions and flavors that make some wines so much more expensive and sought after? Whether you enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with friends for an al fresco lunch on the weekend or prefer a quiet after dinner glass of wine sitting in a cozy chair by the fire, you will find more to appreciate when you learn the basics of wine and how the real afficiandos select it, pair it and enjoy it to its fullest!