Don't worry about my time, just worry about Josie's and how I fit in

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John James tells the other housemates that Big Brother only asked him questions about Josie, while the other housemates got questions about themselves. He thinks Big Brother's not interested in him anymore, only Josie. From night 67.


all we can do is suport them both,they do still love each other. if anyone should get any news please post it here. living in ireland so cant get channel 5 to see josie on oktv. this the only place that i hear anything well read anything.
By islesxx 4 years ago
Thanks for that Bran84. They need to meet each other halfway ,no one wins in an argument you just score points off each other.I hope it works out for them xxxx
By gettinangry 4 years ago
Both Josie and JJ have since tweeted that JJ is just looking after John's car. And Josie bought a car a while back. It's inevitable that when someone is upset they don't always explain things accurately - and Josie was obviously upset as the OK interview was under pretty awful circumstances.
In some ways it was good to see John back on twitter today, but I wonder how thick a skin you need to cope with some of the flack which comes his way. And no matter how much he says he doesn't give a rip, he's sensitive. Even Josie, who seems less vulnerable to it , seems to be getting more hurt in the last few days - not surprising.One of the nicest things about coming to James' clips is that the comments have always been fair - hope it stays that way. John and Josie are having such a hard time and we all have real affection for them - it would nice to think that our thoughts were supportive.
BTW - Wonder if any of them ever collected on all the bets about who was going to win! lol
By Bran84 4 years ago
only read the ok mag today omg i didnt think that things were that bad i was nearly crying. if they want to work it out they will have to make a lot of comprimises.oh i hope they do( fingers and everying else that i can cross) work everything out.
By islesxx 4 years ago
To quote Josie (OK! magazine) "John`s given him his car.He`s got a nice 16k motor,so he`ll be okay"
By gettinangry 4 years ago
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