The Search for the Mythical Land of Shangri-laa


by NTDTelevision

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Brno hosts a unique on road exhibition Shangri-la. After great success of over 60 Thousands of visitors in Slovakia, the exhibiton came to Brno. Let’s have a look with our Czech team.

Shangri-la is a land without death, suffering or time. Rumor has it that the entrance to the mythical world is in Tibet, a far cry from the Eastern European nation of the Czech Republic. But for one traveler in search of the far away land, it was a lifelong quest to find it. Rudolf Švaříček has compiled his 20 years of travels for Shangri-la into one exhibition, brought to the Czech city of Brno.

[Rudolf Švaříček, Author, Shangri-la Exhibition]:
“The Shangri-la exposition was opened in the National Museum in Bratislava. It consists of four countries - Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal and India. All the countries of the Himalayas. The focal point is our Mount Everest climb in 2007. And then we move around these four very interesting, beautiful and colorful countries.”

The exhibition is a mosaic of exhibits brought from travels. It describes the culture, spiritual values and stories of ordinary people.

[Rudolf Švaříček, Author, Shangri-la Exhibition]:
“For example, this staircase carved from one single tree trunk I brought from the foot of Annapurna in Nepal. We were dragging it to one path and then on a jeep, after that, on a roof of a bus to Kathmandu. There is this story that I experienced and these are the most precious things to me.”

Right at the entrance, the visitor gets a view of painted human skulls... a shocking sight for many. But the Tibetan people’s mentality is different, and so is their attitude toward death, explains one of the authors of the exhibition.