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    by anthonylop73

    You may not notice it but our toes our quite battered. From the moment you wake up, go to work and arrive home, our toes essential help our feet keep balance and basically relieve us a bit of that stress when we waggle them. Taking care of them is essBetting both sides of a game guarantees no losers! Spreads work to give you guaranteed 2-5% profit on each transaction. You earn 2-5% each time which compounds to large numbers. Placing $100 per transaction and working only 2 hours per day will earn you $36,000 per year. Double the amount of money or the amount of time, you earn $72,000 per year. As you make more and more, you can increase the amount per transaction and…you do the math. You can see a built-in calculator by going here…www.SportsFanMakesMoney.comential but what if you got fungus toe? This is really not your normal everyday toe nail problem. Fungus toe can be caused by poor hygiene of the foot, decrease in immunity and nail trauma (injury to your toe nails like excessive nail tapping or slamming it on a hard surface). Other factors that can cause someone to have this infection are abnormal pH level of the skin and when you come in contact with someone who has this. What is Fungus toe? Fungal infections are very common on both fingers and toes.