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WC "That's What I'm Talkin' Bout"

il y a 7 ans585 views

This is the first official single & video from the West Coast veteran, authentically untouchable, genuine Cali OG & icon- founding member of Low Profile (with DJ Aladdin, ciirca 1989), The Maad Circle (with DJ Crazy Toones, Sir Jinx & Coolio, circa 1991) & not the least Westside Connection (with Ice Cube & Mack 10, circa 1996)- & the right-hand man from the start to the Don Mega Ice Cube: Dub-C & from his 5-track digital-EP of the same name & his forthcoming album "Revenge of the Barracuda".
Produced by Hallway Productionz & directed by Tha Razor.
Further information @ http://www.dubconline.com/

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WC "That's What I'm Talkin' Bout"
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