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    McDonald's is Evil (Parody of ''Disturbia'' by Rihanna)


    by MacaroniMan17

    Ok, I still do eat at McDonald's, but I thought I'd share with you my disregards about it. I think the video itself is good, but I probably should have edited the song a bit more at least so it actually rhymed well :) (this is still better than my original version)

    Note that I do not own all the content in this video; some clips are from other people. The names used such as McDonald's, Big Mac, McFlurry, Quarter Pounder, Ronald McDonald, etc. are trademarked by McDonald's Food Cooperation. The song is property of Rihanna's songwriters and her record label. A lot of the attacks I make against McDonald's are untrue, so don't kill me.

    Please watch on YouTube to see lyrics: