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    Cityville cheats & hacks tool for energy,cash,coins,goods,levels&population


    by andrinmiftari

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    Download link :
    Copy from rar and paste to desktop.It's very simple to use.To get it you need to complete a short survey ( with your real information,not scam).

    There are some rules (advices) for this cheat :
    1.Never add cash or population because you get banned.I tested it in three accounts and they got banned.
    2.Never add more than 14000 coins at a time.There is no limit in a day.
    3.You can have cash,goods as more as it's your limit(your maximum).To increase your maximum you need to build your city bigger.
    4.You can add only 10 levels a day.
    5."""You need to have at least 10 neighbours"""!
    For more information contact me :

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