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    Parmatma Ka Yatharth Parichay--- By Nalini Didi(Press CC On Player 4 Subtitles)


    by BrahmaKumariz

    [PRESS "CC" BUTTON ON RIGHT HAND SIDE OF PLAYER TO START SUB-TITLES]The festival of Maha Shiva Ratri is celebrated every year. In order to celebrate this festival in its true spirit, it is essential to know who is GOD Shiva and why is Shiva's Night commemorated by the devotees? It is a subject to be pondered that when the birth of all corporeal deities, saints etc.Is celebrated as birthday why is the night of Shiva remembered? What is its real significance? In fact, the festival of Shivatatri symbolises the divine incarnation of God Shiva on this earth. The night indicates the moral degradation that has set in due to the darkness of ignorance in this world. Shiva is the Ocean of Knowledge who leads humankind to knowledge. God Himself says, When religion is defamed on earth I "come to re-establish the true religion and thus transform the impure devilish world into a pure divine world." But when and how does God Shiva perform this divine function? if we reflect upon it, it will be clear that God performs His triple functions of creation, sustenance and destruction at the confluence or the end of Kaliyuga and beginning of Satyuga because this is the period of rejuvenation or renewal of the old world in the whole time cycle. At this time, when Supreme Soul Shiva incarnated in the corporeal human medium of Brahma, What happens? The all pervading mastery of body consciousness of its original glorious past. Thus a new world order of complete Purity, peace and happiness is re-established. Today when corruption, unrighteousness and immorality have spread all over the world, when ethical and moral values have declined drastically, Supreme Soul Shiva once again imparts the Godly message of "Be Yogi and Be Pure" by teaching true spiritual knowledge and Rajyoga through the spiritual children of Brahma (Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumars ) The true fasting (upvaas on Shivaratri is that we link our intellect with God Shiva and stay in His company. Upvaas (Up-vaas) means to stay close. The true jargon or awakening means to awaken from the slumber of ignorance and to protect the self from the evil influence of vices such as lust, anger, greed etc. Let us celebrate shivaratri in true spirit by knowing and its real spiritual significance. In the year 1937, the supreme Father has descended from HIS abode Param Dham, into the body of Brahma and through him HE has given HIS true identity of I am SHIVA, point of Light and Might. Therefore, HIS DIVINE REINCARNATION IS Celebrated as SHIVA JAYANTHI by Brahma Kumars and Kumaris.