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    by repx1

    GENIUS PROGRAM!!! I would like to thank Reputation Accelerator and Reputation radio for their support. I just recently signed up with Reputation Accelerator a week ago and it is too soon to expect results. The Radio however has been productive. Reputation Accelerator put together a really good 30 second radio spot and we are getting traffic from it. Thanks for your refreshing ideas and creative support. Fidelity Fleet and Finance Tony Fahr

    WOULD NEVER BE IN BUSINESS WITHOUT THEM!! Reputation Accelerator Rocks!!! We are in a strange business and our online reputation means everything!!! Actually we had no idea the number of people that searched us by name as the result of our advertising only to find that they we're distracted and never made it to our site... Well I can say for certain that Reputation Accelerator fixed that problem in no time flat!! Excellent Work!!!