Chinese Companies use Face Recognition Device to Monitor Staff


by NTDTelevision

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Face recognition security devices are usually used by government departments to restrict access to top secret data. Now, in China, one company has manufactured a low cost device that lets companies keep track of their workers and monitor their productivity.

In the past, the use of face recognition security devices was limited to accessing secure jails or military arsenals. But now private companies in China are also making use of this technology, to keep tabs on their workers.

Beijing Sunrise Technology is one of the companies using the technology.

[Lu Shaohua, Beijing Sunrise Technology]:
"The more advanced software saves a lot trouble for the Human Resources Department in checking on work attendance. As for security, we have warehouses, and serving as the entrance guard, it also increases the efficiency of our security work."

This is made possible by a device called the “Hanvon Face ID” that was developed in China. The device uses infer-red technology to scan a 3D image of a person’s face, these images are then stored on the device’s internal chip, so it doesn’t have to be connected to an external server. A device that can recognize up to 1400 different faces costs around $720 U.S. dollars.

The lower price enables the device to have large scale commercial use, and much of the demand is coming from the private sector.

[Shi Jian, Chief Engineer Hanvon Face ID]
"Because it's the world's first facial recognition product completely separated from a computer, it's smaller in size and runs a simpler operating system. So the cost of the whole system is much lower. All this has laid a foundation for its wide scale production and application."