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Have You Ever Seen "hey, buy my product and you'll make 100 gazillion dollars a month"?. or even, "hey I am new to this Make Money online thing, but im sure that if you buy this piece of !@$% through my link, you'll get 1'st position on google". Heh I'm sure you have, I have suffered it, and I don't want you to go through the same BS as i have. I've spent over $ 65.000 on training, software or anything that promised to give me more than it would take. I found little use for most of it, yet there were some real value things in there. I have finally discovered that the best way to make money is to give value. The best way to give value is to actually help people make money, save time, get smarter, or teaching them something, and is as simple as giving them what they want. And that is what i do at my site. I get the best content I can find, every day or so, and put it on my blog.