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    Mainland Chinese Shoppers Create Milk Powder Shortage in Hong Kong


    by NTDTelevision

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    After a series of food safety scandals, many Mainland Chinese shoppers have turned away from milk products made in China. They are traveling to Hong Kong to buy products there, leaving local shoppers complaining over shortages and rising prices.

    Hong Kong parents say it’s becoming harder for them to do their shopping, after food safety concerns prompted mainland Chinese consumers to buy up products in Hong Kong. Parents there say that things like milk powder are becoming more difficult and expensive to buy.

    [Hong Kong Resident]:
    “[The Chinese shoppers] buy in bulk, and we can’t even buy one can. So now we can’t buy them whenever we like. We have to plan ahead and stock up. It’s quite terrible.”

    [Hong Kong Resident]:
    “Milk powder, diapers have all gone up in price, and we have to rush for the products. This is very inconvenient for those of us who have children. We can’t compete with [the mainland shoppers].”

    At a mall near the border, a mainland Chinese tourist tells us why he’s shopping in Hong Kong.

    [Mainland Chinese Tourist]:
    “There are no fake products in Hong Kong, no fakes.”

    Confidence in milk products made in China has taken a hit after a string of contamination scares. A Hong Kong business leader says mainland shoppers are looking for alternatives.

    [Lam Wai-man, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong’s General Chamber of Pharmacy Limited]:
    “The milk powder in Hong Kong is mostly imported. The quality testing of Hong Kong brand milk powder is better than the mainland.”

    To address the problem of shortages, local media reports suggest some Hong Kong stores have begun limiting the number of cans sold to each shopper from Mainland China.