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    Robot Special:5000 Rajnikanth Fans Give Rajnikanth A Milk Bath


    by TheBollywoodShow

    Robot- Endhiran- About 5000 Rajnikanth fans are organising a mega event to celebrate the release of another Rajnikanth film. Anand Raj of Agile Indiya Rajnikanth Fan Welfare Association gives us the details of this event. He says, "The reel of the movie will be taken to Ram Mandir in Matunga, to seek God's blessing in a special puja. Thereafter on a horse driven chariot it will be taken to Arora theatre in Matunga, followed by a huge procession." He adds, "In the procession, many fans will walk, carrying pots of milk on their heads and at the venue, Rajnikanth's poster will be given a milk bath with about 100 to 200 litres of milk." Ask him about what is it that they like about Rajnikanth that they almost treat him like God and Raj replies, "I have no idea. I just know that I love him and all other members of the fan club love him too." Fans Give Rajnikanth A Milk Bath. Watch Superstar Rajinikanth's Fans Pray For His Success - Bollywood News. Superstar Rajnikanth is truly worshipped by his fans and they totally go crazy when his movies release. Have a look at the video and know it yourself, how devoted his fans could be.