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    Ukraine Exposes Dangerous and Substandard Goods


    by NTDTelevision

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    An exhibition in Ukraine has exposed the appalling standards of many household products, including substandard irons, foods laced with carcinogens, and even radioactive cups. Our Kiev correspondents bring us this report.

    These are premium meat products found in Ukraine.

    But inside are starch and genetically modified ingredients.

    Genetically modified ingredients have also been found in cereals, corn and soybeans.

    Tomato paste containing preservatives, apples sprayed with harmful chemicals, and butter containing vegetable fats are common examples.

    A leading Ukraine organization for analyzing consumer goods has presented an exhibition of dangerous, sub-standard and counterfeit goods.

    All these goods are currently available at freight outlets in Ukraine.

    But often the quality can't be verified, as the manufacturer doesn't provide full details on the product packaging.

    In this laboratory, products are tested not only for quality but also for safety.

    It turns out this product contains several dangerous substances - benzopyrene contained in mayonnaise and smoked fish, and pesticides found in the greens.

    [Irina Levchuk, Chromatography Laboratory Vice Head]:
    "They are carcinogenic. They are not eliminated from the body, they accumulate in the body. And in the end no one knows the long term implications."

    Danger is also lurking in children's treats.

    [Irina Levchuk, Chromatography Laboratory Vice Head]:
    "Children consume these products a lot - like biscuits and wafers. We know from experience, when we examine such products, there is a large number of dangerous chemical elements."
    The exhibition of harmful goods presents a large number of toys and children's clothing.
    These shoes not only come apart at the seams - the sole comes off and the insoles burst.