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    She thinks we'll be the love story of Big Brother or something


    by james32_

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    John's loving it when Rachel is saying all about how great Josie is. He completely agrees. Love at the end too, when Jose goes "you coming John?" "Where?" "Bed!" Love it.
    By lcpawson5 years ago
    Yeah, mahal - wonder how much of shock it was when they got out to find that everyone had been fascinated? Hmm - though Sam's entry would have prepared them as he was so nosey and indiscreet.
    Love Rachel - she had no doubts about their relationship - think she was more certain than they were! I never understood why John was so intolerant of her loudness - as he wasn't bad about Corin until the end, and I thought she was far more annoying. Maybe BB turned her mic down for us viewers- how kind of them.
    Loved John moaning about no guys he could connect with - bring on JJ!
    Thanks James xxx- I love Josie' marathon bath-time clips.
    By Bran845 years ago
    love this clip james , thanks so much. they're so lovely couple. no idea that people outside are cracy about them a lot hahaha.
    By 24mahal5 years ago