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    FurReal Friends Snuggimals Snug-a-Puffy from Hasbro



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    The new FurReal Friends Snuggimals are ready for spring. Snug-a-Puffy is a cute kitten that fits in the palm of your hand. When you pet Snug-a-Puffy's back, it moves its head and tail. Snug-a-Puffy also comes with a bunny ears headband that easily slides around Snug-a-Puffy's neck. Unfold the box to turn it into a playmat for Snug-a-Puffy. Other spring Snuggimals include Snug-a-Shaggy the dog, Snug-a-Curly the pig, Snug-a-Paws the dog, Snug-a-Fuzzy the rabbit, and Snug-a-Mitten the kitten. Each comes with its own special accessory. Mix and match the different accessories among all the Snuggimals. Each is sold separately.