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    BS: Mugen all stars. 7# Tiger megazord vs Ivan ooze


    by Barrysun

    it's double match time!

    match 1: the first match isMega tigerzord vs Ivan ooze in mugen battle.
    I play as the white Tigerzord vs the newly released Ivan Ooze by O Ilusionista.
    he only has super moves and a hyper move that has him tossing a big powerful fireball at you. and plus he flies around the stage so it's hard to actully hit him unless you have something that can strike him in the air.
    and I think Redline needs to check out round 4 of the video as the Phoenix Strike puts the Mega tigerzord Invincibe for a while.

    match 2: Mega tigerzord vs Ivan ooze (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition)
    if you thought Ivan Ooze was cheap in mugen, then check out the Original Game he came from. (same as the white tigerzord) he is just as cheap as he was in mugen.