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    BS: Power puff Bubbles 1# Omega tiger woods


    by Barrysun

    DG Bubbles takes on Omega tiger woods!
    after watching Doomguy2nd's video of Blossom and Bubbles vs Omega tiger woods and Zeeky H. Bomb and the girls got PWNED, and it looks like bubbles wants some payback on the giant tiger woods head.

    Omega tiger woods: oh yea, gotta love classic mugen opponents who haven't done a fight in my channel in quite awhile on youtube.
    this guy can be quite annoying to fight against, dued to he loves to abuse his rush moves on you. (he can't block so he's screwed once I've activate a super move)
    overall, gotta love a fighting a classic mugen opponent like tiger woods.
    I beleved this is the older version of Omega tiger woods. I might see about downloading the updated version one of these days.