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    Chinese Citizens Illegally Detained, Beaten During CCP's "Two Sessions"


    by NTDTelevision

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    China's communist regime finished its annual political meetings more than a week ago. Now, petitioners and dissidents detained during the CCP's meetings for security measures are gradually being released. Some have given accounts of the treatment they received in 'black jails.'

    During the Chinese regime's annual political sessions earlier this month, authorities detained petitioners and dissidents as part of a sweeping security measure. Many are still in detention, and those who have been released say they were abused by men hired by authorities.


    [Du Yangming, Shanghai Rights Activist]:
    "[The authorities] called on out of town workers, they covered my head with my shirt and beat me up. A petitioner next to me called for them to stop, saying they shouldn't hit an elderly man. They took the petitioner away and continued to beat me. Afterwards the men disappeared, and couldn't be found."

    Shanghai petitioner Cui Fufang has just been released from a black jail. These are illegal detention facilities frequently used by officials to temporarily hold petitioners who try to plead their grievances to higher level authorities.

    Cui says thugs hired by authorities beat her when she tried to protest.

    [Cui Fufang, Shanghai Petitioner]:
    "They beat me up and tore my clothes. They brought two ropes and tried to punish me. I had fever for three days and they didn't let me see a doctor. I was starved for four days, and don't have any strength left."

    China's ruling Communist Party has been anxious to silence dissent since domestic calls for middle-eastern style protests began last month. Aside from petitioners, the regime has also targeted rights lawyers. Jiang Tianyong and Tang Jitian and law professor Teng Biao have all been missing since they were taken by authorities in February.