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    People Flee 55 Mile Exclusion Zone Around the Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant


    by NTDTelevision

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    We begin today with the latest on the nuclear crisis facing Japan. Grey smoke was seen rising from the Fukushima nuclear plant in the country's northeast on Tuesday. As a result, residents, and some workers, are being taken out of the danger zone... unsure if they will ever return to their homes.

    Japan remains on high alert as some workers are evacuated from the Fukushima nuclear complex. Grey smoke is rising from the site and there are fears of a pressure build-up in the No. 3 reactor.

    Residents continue to flee the area heading for evacuation centers.

    Since the devastating earthquake and tsunami ten days ago, over 2,500 evacuees have visited the Yonezawa clinic.

    Every new arrival is scanned for radiation levels with a Geiger counter.

    [Dr. Keiko Yamada, Head, Welfare Center]:
    "People are desperate to evacuate the site as soon as possible. So after the screening and finding out that there is no contamination, they are all relieved."

    Most families arriving at the Yonezawa City welfare clinic live within the 55 mile exclusion zone.

    Once families receive the all clear from the clinic they can register their families at the evacuation center next door.

    [Dr. Keiko Yamada, Head, Welfare Center]:
    "What we are mostly worried about is that the people who have been exposed to radiation will be discriminated against."

    Many at the evacuation centers wonder if they will ever return to their homes.

    [Kenji Sakurai, Resident, Minami Sakurai Township]:
    "Is my homeland going to be contaminated with radiation? When will I go back home? Can I ever go back or not? I don't even know."

    The earthquake and tsunami on March 11 left more than 21,000 people dead or missing so far.