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    Thai Elephants Parade to Get Donations for Japan


    by NTDTelevision

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    Thai elephants marched through the streets of Bangkok on Monday. The event is organized to raise donations in support of disaster relief in Japan.

    Elephants marched through Bangkok's tourist area on Monday to raise money to help survivors in disaster-hit Japan.

    The parade of Thai folk dancers and six pachyderms surprised tourists on the busy tourist street of Khaosan Road.

    [Stuart Cole, Tourist]:
    "I like the way they put on an actual parade asking for money instead of, you know, going around trying to get it. At least you're doing something for it, you know. But yeah I know, it's a really good cause, really good cause."

    The elephants were adorned with body paint reading "Help Japan" and collected donations in a box they held in their trunks.

    The campaign was organized in an effort to help victims of the quake in Japan where almost 350,000 people are in shelters around the country after being evacuated.

    Thailand has donated more than $6 million and also sent at least 24 tons of aid supplies to Japan.