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    Soda blasting mold removal

    Sam Jick

    by Sam Jick

    Soda blasting is another effective technique for mold removal. Now the soda I'm talking about is not the kind you find in a plastic bottle or aluminum can. If you shake one of those containers up and point it at the mold, the only thing you'll accomplish is to create an even bigger mess! No, we're talking about baking soda, which has a great variety of uses, as I'm sure you are aware. The soft nature of baking soda allows of quick removal of the mold, while providing minimum impact on the wood surfaces. The soda blasting, like dry ice treatments, only removes the mold growth and mold spores from the surfaces. Now you have to consider the fact that while dry ice blasting leaves less residue, the process is the same. You'll have to do more work vacuuming, but there are some advantages to using baking soda, including the fact that it is safer for the blast operator, and the fact that baking soda has those great odor absorption qualities. Soda blasting also reduces cycle time by cleaning,