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    Thousands Flock to Mexico's "Pyramid of the Sun" to Welcome Spring Equinox


    by NTDTelevision

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    Thousands gather at the Aztec "Pyramid of the Sun" in Teotihuacan, Mexico to celebrate the spring equinox. Many believe it's a chance to take in positive energy from the cosmos.

    At the break of dawn, thousands gathered at the Aztec "Pyramid of the Sun" in Teotihuacan, Mexico, raising their hands to greet the sun during spring equinox celebrations on Sunday.

    The spring equinox occurs in the middle of March, marking the beginning of spring for the northern hemisphere.

    Thousands of participants began the ascent of the Sun Pyramid at the Teotihuacan ruins to receive energy from the Sun and the rest of the cosmos.

    [Margarita Castillo, Pyramid Ritual Participant]:
    "It is said that during the equinox, the cosmos projects all of its energy and it is recommended that humans receive all of that positive energy."

    Participants of the event wear traditional white clothing and also join in with group dances.

    Some bring amulets and crystals to enhance their experience with the sun.

    The ruins were named Teotihuacan by the Aztecs, who inhabited the area 700 years after the ancient city had been abandoned, around 600 AD.

    The name means "The Place Where Men Become Gods."

    Experts believe the Sun Pyramid was a fertility symbol built around 80 AD.

    They say the pyramid is shaped like a mountain to counteract the evil influence of two nearby volcanoes that were violently erupting at the time the pyramid was built.