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    UNIVERSAL LOGO SPOOF - Buster Bear Universal

    Tariq Mudallal

    by Tariq Mudallal

    This is a spoof I made of the famous Universal Studios movie studio logo. The name, "Buster Bear" in the title is derived from our beloved family dog, Buster . . . his nickname is Buster Bear. When making this and my other movie studio logo spoofs, I decided to use him as the spoofed studio name.

    PRODUCTION NOTES: For an added twist, I extended the animation after the initial well-known opening, to include "And Now Our FEATURE PRESENTATION". To be fair, I did not model the space ship seen in that portion of the video . . . I just animated it and added a blue glow to the engine exhaust chamber.

    It takes about 6 to 8 different software applications to create each of my animation videos. Each application has its own specialized function (3D modeling, 3D animation, texture creation, photo manipulation, particle effects, motion tracking, multi-track audio editing and sweetening, compositing, final editing, and video conversion / compression).

    DISCLAIMER: Buster Bear Universal is NOT an actual studio. This video was produced for educational purposes in the study of 3D animation, compositing, and special effects.