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    Affiliate Marketing Tips - Watch The Competition To Increase Your Affiliate Earnings


    by newpoweraffiliate

    Hi my name is Andy Brown from

    A great thing you can do to become a more successful email marketer is to join the lists of your competition and analyze what they are doing. This is true of internet or affiliate marketing.

    Why not buy a product and see how they use email before, during and after the sale. Join their newsletter and see how each issue is structured and any other ways they use the list. Request a free report or an ecourse and take note of their email practices.

    This is effectively free, hands-on education. You can learn so much about email marketing by watching what the gurus actually do themselves .

    Finally I would love to HELP you increase your commissions today by sending you our FREE Affiliate training course, DVD, CD and newsletter in the post within the next 48 hours. This course is suitable for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers alike, as it covers the fundamentals to building your affiliate business to expert techniques