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    Sydney Receives 24 Hour Deluge


    by NTDTelevision

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    Six weeks of rain in 24 hours... that's how much rain Sydney, Australia got on over the weekend. And the downpours are expected to continue through Wednesday morning.

    Emergency workers rescue people from rising waters after heavy rainfall triggers flash flooding in Sydney and surrounding regions on Monday.

    Sydney received six weeks of rain in only 24 hours over the weekend.

    Main highways have been closed due to flooding.

    Long traffic jams are expected across several highways and freeways linking Sydney to its surrounding regions.

    [Unidentified Resident, Wollongong]:
    "This is the worst I have ever seen it, yeah, it's pretty crazy."

    [Unidentified Resident, Wollongong]:
    "There was water coming from people's bonnets and it was just horrific, unbelievable."

    Police found the body of a man near a storm water drain south of Wollongong, and are trying to find out how he died.

    Dozens of students and staff had to be taken to a local fire station due to flooding in their preschool.

    More rain is expected for the region over the next 24 hours.

    Planes landing at Sydney airport had to deal with poor visibility and strong winds.

    Some locals seem to be having a great time riding the heavy surf.

    Sydney usually enjoys a temperate climate, but is occasionally hit by storms and flooding.

    Australia has already endured weeks of severe flooding in Queensland and Victoria recently and the huge damage bill is still rising.