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    Bangkok Red Shirt Rally Honors Those Killed in Last Year's Protests


    by NTDTelevision

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    Also in Bangkok, anti-government protesters, known as the red shirts, gathered over the weekend, marking 10 months since a military crackdown last year that left nearly a hundred dead. They vow to continue the rallies until those responsible for last year's deaths are brought to justice.

    About 25,000 supporters of the United front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), also known as the Red Shirts, took to the streets of Bangkok on Saturday. They gathered to mark ten months since May 19, 2010 when the Thai military sent its troops to break up a protest camp in Bangkok... ending a ten-week-long anti-government movement.

    The clashes between troops and demonstrators left 91 people dead, and wounded more than 1,800.

    Saturday's gathering took place at the democracy monument in Bangkok's old quarter, and was close where 25 people were killed and hundreds wounded on April 10 in a botched attempt by the military to evict them.

    [Jatuporn Promphan, Red Shirt Leader]:
    "The amount of ammunition, 120,000 rifle bullets and 2,620 sniper's bullets are clearly the answer for the 91 corpses and more than 2000 injuries."

    He also accused Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and the Deputy Prime Minister of interfering with the work of the Department of Special Investigation, whose findings concluded that government security forces could have been responsible for the killings.

    The red shirts have vowed to continue their rallies regularly until they get justice for those killed and injured in the 2010 protests.