Radiation Tests Show Higher Levels in Sendai, Japan

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We begin today with the latest on the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan. Concerns continue to mount over radiation levels around Sendai City, where authorities try to bring a nuclear power plant there under control. And concerns are mounting, as radiation levels in Sendai are four times higher than to its north.

It's Sunday in Miyagi prefecture and this journalist is using a Geiger counter to measure radiation levels.

He's on a highway that stretches from Tono, a city located some 250 miles to the north of the quake-ravaged Fukushima nuclear plant to Sendai only 124 miles from the stricken nuclear plant.

Sendai City is only 69 miles away and radiation levels are slowly increasing.

The radiation level is going up gradually as it is measured closer and closer to Sendai.

And in Sendai the reading at 0.35 microsievert per hour is four times higher than that in Tono up in the north.

Residents in Sendai say they are concerned.

[Mr. Kawami, Factory Worker]:
"Regarding radiation exposure, I am concerned about the level of radiation in the air. I try to get information, for example by listening to the radio, and when I go outside I am always wearing a mask. I try not to breathe deeply."

While progress is being made to avert disaster at the nuclear power plant further contamination is being found in milk, spinach and tap water miles away from the plant.

Radioactive dust and particles have also been found in the greater Tokyo area, but authorities say they are not a risk to human health.