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    Jungle Book on The Disney Channel (1992)

    Andrew Vickers

    by Andrew Vickers

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    The ending of "The Jungle Book" plus promos for "The Roots of Goofy," a special made for the channel (it's early years) and had been available on VHS tape in the UK as well as an "Animation Celebration" sweepstakes promo.

    All material belong to Disney Studios, for entertainment purposes only!!

    NOTE: This was taped off the television premiere of "The Jungle Book" on (The) Disney Channel in the summer of 1992, from doing enough research from this video. Also, the sweepstakes promo is not complete due to it being taped over by the opening to "The Brave Little Toaster" so respect the fact I have the surviving videos for this broadcast unless somebody has another VHS tape of this particular broadcast. After "Toaster" though, has the making of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which I also have on my channel, and the way the two main movies are edited together, they might have been either taped the same day or different days.