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    reputation management strategy


    by repx1

    NICE!!! We Saw Huge Results Fast!!! About one week in we noticed a big shift in Google... Once you put them on your team they don't mess around they get to work!!! I will recommend them to everyone I know that depends on the livelihood of a business for their income!

    THEY HAVE INCREASED OUR HONDA SALES!!!! Their Honda Reputation Management WORKS!!! We we're looking for something that would help us with the sensitivity of today's Honda buyer! We promoted our customers to go and write reviews on review sites and that was a disaster. You can't win with those but with Reputation Accelerator we have won and in a big Honda way. There online reputation acceleration systems works like no other. No need to try and fake like we're a review site!! There is no such thing as creating Presto Reviews and having it actually work.. These people work and they are on our team from start to finish, which