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    Affiliate Marketing Tips - Identify Yourself In Your Affiliate Emails


    by newpoweraffiliate

    Hi my name is Andy Brown from

    In testing, there's a very simple thing you can do that can get as much as 43% more subscribers to read your affiliate marketing emails. And that is simply to "identify yourself" in the first paragraph of your mailing.

    Instead of saying:

    "Announcing my special '2 For 1' offer",


    "This is (and then your name - so for me it would be Andy Brown) here with a special announcement about a special '2For 1' offer"

    Simple, but very effective.

    This has been tested over and over again and it almost always out-pulls the non-personal version.

    Why? Probably because people see that it's PERSONAL. This is YOU talking. It's from someone they have grown to know, like and trust. Try it in your next mailing and track the results.

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