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    Study Reveals the Secret of Happiness in Ukraine


    by NTDTelevision

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    Ukrainian sociologists have counted how many happy people there are in Ukraine, and have identified the main criteria for happiness. Our correspondents from Kiev did some on-the-street research of their own.

    A new study reveals there are fewer happy people in the Ukraine. Sociologists have come up with these figures: 63% of Ukrainians polls consider themselves “happy” –2% fewer than last year.

    “Ukraine Today” is an independent political review.

    [Natalia Ishchenko, Deputy Head of "Ukraine Today"]:
    "Such a small reduction in the level of happiness, which happened this year was the first time in six years. But it is quite insignificant. Rather, we can say that the level of happiness in Ukraine has stabilized."

    Sociologists have found that the main component of happiness for Ukrainians is being in a relationship, and having a harmonious family environment.

    Health comes in second place followed by financial security.

    Confidence in the future and opportunities for personal development come next with friendship, stability of the country and faith in God trailing the list.

    [Volodymyr Paniotto, Director General, Kiev International Institute of Sociology]:
    "People who love, and who are loved, are much happier than those who do not."

    And the word on the street seems to coincide with the study - Ukrainians value family and personal relationships above all else.

    [Sergey, Coffee Merchant]:
    "Money comes and goes. It’s here today and gone tomorrow, but your family is always close."

    [Maria Voloshchuk, Student]:
    "You must love the people around you, then you will always be happy. Love is the only thing that makes people happy, no matter what."

    [Svetlana Kharchenko, Retired]:
    "Why am I happy? Because I have four grandchildren who are healthy."