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Lets join our team in a Balinese cooking class to learn about Heinz von Holzen, a chef with numerous awards who has taken on the mission to promote and develop traditional Balinese cuisine. Here's more from our correspondent.

Heinz von Holzen is an awarding chef who has lived in Bali for over two decades. Married to a Balinese woman, he owns a villa resort and restaurant and helps promote Balinese culture. Heinz organizes cooking classes showcasing traditional Balinese food and has surprising words about the tourists in Bali.

[Heinz von Holzen, Chef and Entrepreneur]:
“Probably 99% of the people who come to Bali will end up never ever trying a Balinese meal. Everyone who comes to Bali associates Balinese food with four dishes: nasi goreng, mi goreng, sate, gado gado. None of the four dishes is Balinese. Nasi goreng, although it is perceived as Indonesia's most famous dish, is not even Indonesian, it is Chinese. Nasi means rice, goreng means fried, fried rice is Chinese. History of nasi gorgeng dates over 3000 years back to ancient China.”

In the early 90’s, Heinz came to Bali as an executive chef at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. As a newcomer he was faced with challenges living in Bali, but now local chefs come and ask him how to cook traditional Balinese dishes.

[Heinz von Holzen, Chef and Entrepreneur]:
“When I came to Bali there was no literature, there were no books, no recipes and where do I start?”Things were difficult at first but…

[Heinz von Holzen, Chef and Entrepreneur]:
“Then meeting my wife, being able to take part in ceremonies and with the chefs I mean all our chefs were Balinese (...) I got a fantastic chance to actually look into the culture and then I found out, hey taste this food, it tastes delicious.”