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    Verona, Italy - Top 5 Travel Attractions

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    by Geo Beats

    Take a tour of the top 5 attractions of Verona, Italy. I'd like to guide you through the top 5 attractions of Verona, Italy. Piazza dei Signori - This piazza reflects the rich history of Verona, a UNESCO world heritage site. Amidst the beautiful buildings is Dante's statue. Juliet's House - Whether you believe Rome and Juliet were real or not, Juliet's house is a big draw in Verona. Some even leave love letters on the walls. Churches - Given its deep history and heritage, Verona has great churches. Visitors can experience historic buildings that date back many hundreds of years. Piazza Erbe - said to be among the most beautiful piazzas of Italy, this was the center of life in roman times and continues to be so even today. Amphitheatre - Verona is known worldwide for music and particularly its amphitheatre. Built in 1st century AD, it offers a wonderful experience for concert goers.