Washington, DC - Top 10 Travel Attractions

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Take a tour of the top 10 attractions of Washington, DC. Notes: see the note below, cut from VO 1:50-1:53 “this is the city’s largest structure” I'd like to show you the top 10 attractions of Washington, DC. Jefferson Memorial - It is dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, third US President and one of the founding fathers. The memorial is modeled after Rome's Pantheon. Old Town Alexandria - An important port in the 18th century, today you can walk through its cobblestone streets and relive history. Library of Congress - It is the largest library in the world. The magnificent building houses approximately 90 million archived materials. Lincoln Memorial - Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President and a great leader. Completed in 1922, it is modeled after Greek Temples. Supreme Court - Among the country's most important institutions. You can take a tour to learn about its history and inner workings. Cherry Blossoms - During the spring time, Washington DC is full of stunning cherry blossoms. This is a great time to visit the city. National Cathedral - It is the most well known US cathedral. This beautiful building has been the site for many national memorial services. The Capitol - A remarkable neo-classical landmark. Recognized around the world, this is where the US Senate and House of Representatives meet. Washington Monument - Dominating the Washington DC skyline, [cut from VO: this is the city's largest structure] and dedicated to the first US President George Washington. The White House - Symbolically, the most important building of the country. US Presidents have lived and worked here for more than 200 years.