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    Akbar The Great - Episode 10


    by Rajshri

    Akbar The Great - Episode 10 - Classic Indian Hindi TV Show directed by Akbar Khan narrates the magnificent and moving story of Jalaluddin Mohammed, known to posterity as Akbar The Great". The show vividly re-captures one of the most dazzling and outstanding accounts of chivalry valour and statesmanship in the history of the world.  The serial has been produced and directed by Akbar Khan, a well established motion picture producer, director and leading film actor. He has also directed -The Sword of Tipu Sultan. The Show stars Akbar Khan, Shikha Rai, Vikrant Chaturvedi, Shahid Khan, Ghazal, Arvind Bahmi,Puja Acharya, Shoeb Khan, Puja Ghai, Ishtiaq Khan, Sharmilee Raj, Sushma Seth, Col. Kapoor, Nawab Shah & Shiv Rohira. Music Composed by Naushad. Click to watch more.