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    Jeronimos Monastery - Great Attractions (Lisbon, Portugal)

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Take a tour of Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon, Portugal – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats. What do a famous explorer’s tomb, beautiful architecture, and a place of worship have in common? They can all be found in one amazing place: Jerónimos Monastery. Founded in 1501 to commemorate Vasco de Gama’s voyage, the monastery also houses his tomb. The monastery also houses tombs of other notable people and is a monument to exploration. It’s also religiously significant as the previous home to monks of the order of St. Jerome. Even excluding the past, Jerónimos Monastery is breathtaking in its ornate beauty. Its vaulted arches and painted ceilings make it an architectural masterpiece. This beautiful building and fascinating site has been drawing visitors for hundreds of years.