Hong Kong Hauls Aircraft into Guinness World Record Books

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Hong Kong residents have bagged two Guinness World Records by hauling four aircraft, the largest a Boeing 747. The teams were made up mainly of employees from different government departments and included children.

Teams of Hong Kong residents hauled four aircraft into the Guinness World Record books on Thursday.

More than 300 people picked up the slack and hauled the four aircraft, weighing a total of approximately 470 tons, over a distance of 50 meters.

Hong Kong's Civil Aviation Chairman, Norman Lo, explains the reason behind the event.

[Norman Lo, Civil Aviation Chairman]:
"We pull at the same time one 747, two Airbus 330, and a small plane, a sling. The reason for that is that we'd like to celebrate the 100th anniversary of aviation development in Hong Kong."

But the teams, made up of employees from various government departments, didn't stop there.

They had a second record in their sights.

This time it was just the 747, pulled for 100 meters, creating a second new world record.

But officials say the requirement of a filled fuel tank during the second pull made the first pull trickier.

[Norman Lo, Civil Aviation Chairman]:
"It is a hard job, especially for the first pull, when you pull the 747, because the aircraft is one third full of fuel in order to prepare for the second pull to break the world record. That's why it's a bit heavier. So on the pull on the 747 this morning it was a bit hard."

The Boeing 747-400 weighed approximately 210 tons, but that did not dampen the pullers' enthusiasm -- some even offered to pull it another hundred meters.