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    Trevi Fountain - Great Attractions (Rome, Italy)

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Take a tour of Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. Rome is a city of magnificent sights and wonders, from buildings to paintings to fountains. Especially famous throughout the country is the grand Trevi Fountain near the Quirinal Palace. This expansive fountain was finished in 1762 on the site of an ancient Roman aqueduct. The fountain's statues spill down from the front of the building into the pool itself. The unifying theme of the Trevi Fountain is the classical "Taming of the Waters". The fountain features Oceanus, the Greek sea god, his race of Tritons, and various sea creatures. By day, in the sun, or illuminated by night, the Trevi Fountain is true Roman beauty.