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    Reverse Migration of Birds Begins in Indian Kashmir


    by NTDTelevision

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    As the spring season starts, migratory birds are returning to their homes in Siberia and other parts of Europe. Nearly one million birds migrated to Indian Kashmir to escape the harsh winter.

    With the onset of the spring season and rise in temperature, the reverse migration of birds begins at the Hokersar Wetlands Birds Sanctuary in India's Jammu and Kashmir state.

    The game warden of the sanctuary says nearly a million birds from distant lands had a nice retreat there during the winter.

    [Gulam Mohammad Lone, Hokersar Wetlands Bird Sanctuary]:
    "Approximately one million birds visited this year from foreign lands. By the grace of God they were well cared for. We had alerted our staff about anti-poaching and that was successful."

    Rangers and other staff of the forest department took good care of the birds, maintaining continuous vigil, letting no chance for poachers to have their way.

    These birds usually migrate from Siberia and other parts of Europe during winter, where the temperature drops below the zero mark.

    From early November till December, the birds keep arriving and return during the spring season.

    Among the popular varieties of migratory birds visiting the wetland are large cranes, cormorants, pond herons, great egrets and little egrets.