Chinese Regime Concerns over Piracy Business List


by NTDTelevision

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The Chinese regime says a recent list of companies involved in piracy trade will harm the reputation of local businesses. China's search engine giant Baidu and retail website Taobao were among the companies named by the United States in a "notorious markets" list. The regime has long faced pressure from the international community to address the serious problem of counterfeiting.

Chinese authorities say they are worried over the United States publicizing companies involved in selling counterfeited goods. An official from China's Ministry of Commerce is concerned the list will harm the reputation of businesses.

The U.S. Trade Representative recently issued the "notorious markets" list. It has more than thirty websites or physical markets that are involved in counterfeit trade. China's top search engine Baidu and largest retail website Taobao were in the list.

Li Chenggang, head of the Department of Treaty and Law under the Ministry of Commerce, says the list might negatively affect the reputation of companies involved.


[Chen Puokong, Visiting Scholar at Columbia University]:
"I think it is the behavior of these Chinese businesses that has affected their reputation. Now this protectionism by the Chinese government is affecting their reputation even more severely."

Chen believes rampant counterfeiting by Chinese companies is a reflection of the Communist Party rule.

[Chen Puokong, Visiting Scholar at Columbia University]:
"The lack of supervision and control under China's political system, coupled with the deceitful nature with which the Chinese government rules, businesses there have followed this model and this is reflected through piracy and counterfeiting."

Fake goods produced by Chinese companies range from DVDs, luxury handbags to tobacco and even medicines. Western governments have continually pressured the Chinese regime to clamp down on businesses involved in counterfeiting.