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    Concert to Support Iranian Prisoners


    by NTDTelevision

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    Iranian women who were held in one of the most brutal prisons in Iran came out recently to Israel to participate in a special concert. The purpose is to raise awareness about the suffering of prisoners in Iran and call for freedom in the Islamic state. Our correspondent in Tel Aviv reports.

    A special concert was held in Tel Aviv, Israel to raise awareness about the suffering of women imprisoned in Iran.

    The concert featured songs poems of Iranian writers and musicians.

    Israeli musician Heftsiba Zer Aviv, who is also the organizer of the concert, performed Iranian as well as Western music.

    Marina Nemat, a writer and former prisoner in Iran, touched the hearts of the audience... recounting her arrest by Iranian security forces during the Islamic revolution. She was only 16-years-old at the time.

    [Marina Nemat, Former Iranian Prisoner]:
    "They came for me on January 15, 1982. I was 16 and I was about to take a bath. The doorbell rang and I was taken to Evin Prison where I was tortured for two years."

    Marina recounted the pain and suffering she endured back then... but also spoke about how she overcame the hardship.


    Her experiences motivated her to write a book about the tragic story.

    Israeli Musician Heftsiba Zer Aviv contacted Marina after reading her book. Heftsiba was very touched and applauded Marina's courage... so touched that she put together this concert to raise awareness to the suffering of women in Evin Prison.


    The concert also drew interest from those who work with women... people like Orna Sadgat-Erez.


    Marina's story is just the tip of the iceberg. Today, a lot of Iranian women are suffering from religious and political persecution.

    But one thing's for sure. Many sincerely hope that freedom will ultimately emerge and prevail in Iran.

    Reporter: Lee Rom
    Photographer: Michael Ash
    NTD News, Tel Aviv, Israel.