Being Anorexic and Bulimic

Katie Cohen
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I ramble some in this but I thought I would just upload it straight without watching. add me on facebook twitter and Blogger pages:!/KTfershadybaby follow me on twitter

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Hey! I completely understand you! I have dealt with body issues and eating disorders since I was about 12 years old. I am now 33 and while I'm healthy (most of the time) I still have body issues and issues with food. It will not ever go away....but I have learned to live with it. I am a vegetarian, I count calories, and I exercise daily. So while I still obsess a bit too much I am no longer purging.....I made a decision a few years ago that the phycological issues are here to stay and I had to learn to live as healthy as I can. I'm not perfect, but I'm happier than I used to be. I'd love to talk to you more! It was VERY courageous of you to do this video! You really are beautiful.
By BBB_Art 3 years ago

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