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    Benda Bilili Movie Premieres in UK


    by NTDTelevision

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    We go now to London where a new music documentary opens in the UK this week. Called Benda Bilili, the movie follows the life of a very unique “orchestra” who lives on the streets of Congo’s capital. Our correspondent met up with one of the film directors in London.

    Benda Bilili is not only a very interesting music documentary shot on the streets of Congo’s capital, but it is also a powerful story of hope and determination. Spanning five years in the making, the movie traces the lives of an unusual Congolese “orchestra” called Staff Benda Bilili.

    The band consists of a group of resourceful street kids and wheelchair bound talented musicians, with one shared dream—to make it big in Europe.

    French filmmakers Renaud Barret and Florent de la Tullaye met the group by chance after hearing them busk outside a restaurant, and immediately fell in love with their music.

    [Renaud Barret, Co-director, Benda Bilili Movie]:
    “They taught us so much about ourselves, about what you can bear and what you cannot bear. And also what are your motivations and what are your dreams. And when you get a dream you have to stick to it and to hang on to it, that’s what the Benda Bilili taught us, because as you see them living in the conditions they are living, and the talent they have and the energy they have to make things happen and to hang onto their dream. I mean they just gave us their energy, their strength. So being French, you know we don’t complain any more! Right? We are not like ‘urgh!’ like the French, they do that so often, we are no more into that, you know.”

    Benda Bilili opens in UK cinemas on Friday 18th of March.

    NTD News, London