Spyro 3 LP - The Last Video Part 2

Sum Gai

by Sum Gai

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Total time of video - 25 minutes, 43 seconds.
Worth it? You be the judge.

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Thank you for playing. It was seeing this series listed on the LP Archive that put me in the mood to replay these games for the first time in YEARS. I've learned things that I didn't know before, both from watching you and from replaying the games after forgetting all the strategies and having to come up with new ones (or the same old ones).

I've learned that despite my memories, Agent 9's section in Fireworks Factory isn't...completely terrible. I stand by the idea that lack of experience with any kind of first-person game (even a non-shooter like Portal or something) will make the minigame an absolute nightmare. With that gaming experience, though, I'm sure I could one day think of it as fun, if I can ever forget my bad memories of it.

I've learned that just because I'm having trouble in one part does not mean it's impossible to sequence-break.I half-remembered being able to get those gems at the top of the ladder in Sunny Beach in Spyro 2, but I failed at it so badly, I thought maybe I remembered wrong. Up until I watched you do exactly that.

And I've learned I can freaking strafe with that damn hovertank during the "final" boss fight.

Thanks for the LP.
By Denise Perry last year